Have you seen the Times today! Sean Horgan included the Phyllis A in his column: FishOn! Thanks Sean!

Hey hey, it’s the Phyllis A

We have made no secret of our love of the Phyllis A, the gill-netting treasure that the Phyllis A Marine Association is dedicated to restoring with the hope of one day turning it into one of the city’s waterfront historical attractions.

The association recently held its annual meeting at which it announced it had received $60,000 from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to be put toward the restoration. That single contribution represents more than 10 percent of the association’s ultimate goal of raising about $500,000.

As always, no fish were harmed in the making of this column.

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News!!!! PAMA receives $60,000.000 from the Massachusetts Cultural Council toward restoration of the Phyllis A. The board accepts the check at the Annual Meeting and 1930’s party on May 6, 2017. Thanks to Senator Bruce Tarr and his office for working so hard to make this happen!

PAMA Board

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