Please join us Saturday for our Maritime Saturday! This month we are working on our Phyllis A Genealogy Project and looking for descents of the “Michigan Bears”, the group of men who brought the gillnet fishing industry to the Atlantic Ocean from lake Michigan, in 1910. The Phyllis A was built for the leader of this group, Albert Arnold in 1925 and fished for the Arnold family for 75 years out of Gloucester Harbor, something done by no other fishing vessel. Many of the “Michigan Bears” fished on the Phyllis A, as did their descents, but we are looking for people from the members of the other “Michigan Bear” families, too. We would love to hear and record your family stories! Yours’s is a very important part of Gloucester and fishing history. The Phyllis A wants to make sure we document this history for generations to come. So, come for “mug up” and let us get to know you and your family story!

August poster

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