Phyllis A Art Show and Sale


Art can take many forms and mediums. Photography, painting, clayworks, and even shipbuilding!

This October 22nd, a group of artists will display their work at a special sale to benefit the Phyllis A Marine Association and the restoration of the oldest fishing vessel in Gloucester, the Phyllis A.

From 11am to 5pm, come down to the Gloucester Marine Railways, at the end of Rocky Neck, in Gloucester, MA.

Take this unique opportunity to shop from local artists while getting an inside view of the Railways and the gears that have hauled hundreds of ships since the Civil War.

Enter the show under the shadow of the Friendship as she sits upon the Ways for repair!

Be sure to pick up a raffle ticket for the donated painting by Katherine Richmond!

See you on the 22nd!


One thought on “Phyllis A Art Show and Sale

  1. We at the Phyllis A. Marine Association are so thrilled with the way the Art Show and Sale turned out!!! It would not have been half as wonderful without the GMG and Facebook people who promoted it, help put it together and covered the day with such wonderful photos and videos. Thank you again to all of you!!!


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